Run your school online

More and more martial artists are turning to the internet for training. Don't be left behind.

Grow your school online...

Set up your own online training school. Add workouts, training plans, videos.

It's open 24 hours a day, so students can access training material anytime as well as learning more about the techniques learnt in class

It's conveneient for students who are unable to travel to classes daily.

Add a forum for students to ask questions as well as sharing idea and suggestions for improving performance.

Your can also attract students from all over the world.


Powerful features for running your martial arts school

Each of our products are designed to enhance your martial arts school and to make it easy for your students to access training material

Generate Subscriptions

Set up access to class training videos, manuals, private Q & A sessions etc..

Online Shop

Sell uniforms, dvd's,
weapons, books etc.

Online School

Attract more students.
Suitable for long distance students.

Start  building,
your kick ass website

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